Leading Mobile Monetisation specialist Mozoo, to offer AI powered mobile revenue optimisation technology for mobile publishers.

Mozoo, the mobile monetisation specialist has today acquired AdinCube, an AI powered in-app mediation technology in a $20m deal, comprised of cash purchase and shares, plus earn out.  

The acquisition will enable Mozoo to significantly enhance its in-app monetisation offer on a global scale, providing app developers and publishers with a meta SDK that feeds demand from all available sources on the market, while remaining entirely unbiased. Proprietary machine learning technology optimises all buyers, bidders and purchasing metrics at the precise moment an impression is served, filling all available real-estate with the highest yielding and most relevant ad; ensuring maximum revenue for mobile publishers.

Mozoo has spent the last seven years developing monetisation solutions for premium publishers around the world. Its innovative mobile formats, global presence, and strong commercial relationships with the world’s biggest media agencies, trading desks and advertisers have attracted an enviable publisher base. AdinCube’s advanced in-app technology, combined with Mozoo’s exclusive premium campaigns and seven years’ experience monetising mobile traffic, enables publishers to obtain a truly holistic, first of its kind, mobile revenue optimisation solution. Mozoo will deploy significant technical resource on developing the product further, and allocate an expert mobile monetisation team in four time zones to provide support to publishers.

AdinCube was launched and shaped by Co-founders Etienne Rugeri and Jonathan Ferrebeuf.

AdinCube’s technology has been built from the ground up by CTO, Etienne Rugeri and his team. Rugeri spent six years of his career working for chartered airlines, optimising crucial operations and building business applications for pilots, before moving in to ad-tech. Deeply conditioned by the importance of aviation accuracy, AdinCube’s SDK uses advanced predictive optimisation algorithms to deliver market leading revenue yield, while remaining as light as possible and incredibly simple to implement.

As CEO of AdinCube, Jonathan Ferrebeuf and his team have contributed to the product expansion by implementing worldwide strategic partnerships with app publishers and demand partners. The eight years Ferrebeuf spent working on app monetisation in the mobile industry convinced him that developers needed a truly unbiased one-stop solution for ad revenue optimisation.

Mozoo is now aiming to rapidly scale the product and offer it to publishers around the world, ensuring a significant and immediate increase in revenue generated from mobile traffic.

Jules Minvielle, Founder and CEO of Mozoo said: We are very pleased to welcome Etienne and Jonathan into our team. AdinCube’s technology fused with our expertise and seven years’ experience in mobile audience monetisation will provide publishers with the best technology in the world to optimise their mobile ad revenue.”

Jonathan Ferrebeuf, Co-founder and CEO of AdinCube said: “We are delighted to join the Mozoo team and are convinced that their strong connections with premium demand partners will benefit app publishers. Its international presence is key to increasing the product’s visibility on the market.”

Jules, Jonathan & Etienne

Pictured above (left to right): Etienne Rugeri, Co-Founder, CTO of AdinCube, Jules Minvielle, Founder, CEO of Mozoo, Jonathan Ferrebeuf, Co-Founder, CEO of AdinCube.

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