5 Tactics To Better Engage With Your Audience On Mobile

1) Using your audience’s current environment

Geolocation is a great tool to maximise the relevance of your message. You can build fences based on a customer’s location and proximity to goods and services.

2) Benefit from consumer’s multiscreen habits

Study your audience carefully and synchronise your adverts on TV and mobile.

3) Create user-friendly content

Use formats that will both respect and enthuse your audience.

4) Open a conversation with your audience

Mobile devices gives you the opportunity to track users that have interacted with your advert. Use this tool to open a conversation, and re-engage those users who were enthused by your ad in the first place.

5) Synchronise with real time environmental data

When advertising a service or product that is weather dependant, you may want to synchronise your campaign to the temperature or to the weather. That will increase the value of your advert to the consumers.

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