6 Strategies To Optimise Your Mobile Advertising Campaign

1) Target your advert’s display to the best performing publishers

Analysing how your advert performs on each publishers allows you to effectively balance its distribution.

This can be done by emphasising the display of your advert on the best performing mobile websites and applications, or alternatively, by retracting its display from the lower performing publishers.

2) Ensure your advert is visible on the most relevant channels

A channel is a group of publishers who share similar or complimentary content. You can productively maximise your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by increasing the distribution of your advert on the channels which appeal to your brand.

3) Regulate your various formats

Your campaign might have a series of creative pieces which differ aesthetically or in format (i.e. footer, overslide, video, etc). It is guaranteed that each creative piece will perform differently. Adapt your campaign by intensifying the display of your best performing creatives.

4) Accentuate display to segments you’ve previously interested

Using advanced algorithms, you can gather segments of users who have demonstrated an explicit interest in your adverts. This allows you to display your advert specifically to users who enjoy interacting with your brand in order to create further engagement.

5) Include time in your optimisation scheme

Your advert might be more relevant at a particular time of day, week, month or year. By pushing the display of your advert at those significant times, you will increase the probability of users to engage with it.

6) Find your winning equilibrium between devices

Users will be using various devices, at different times, and for diverse reasons. By observing the performance of your advert on each of those devices, you can proportionally regulate the display of your advert on them.


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