AOL signs a privileged partnership with Numbate – the branding arm of Mozoo Group

AOL announces the signature of a technology partnership with Numbate – the branding arm of Mozoo Group. Created in 2013, Numbate specialises in mobile marketing and offers innovative advertising formats, as well as an advertising network and a premium market position.

According to eMarketer, the global mobile advertising market amounted to $72 billion in 2015. In the United States, it represents more than half of all digital spending. In the last four years in France, it has seen a growth rate of 6% (or 3.216 billion euros). With more than 2 billion smartphones in the world, and a mobile penetration rate of 100%, brands must adapt their communication to this new channel and rethink their strategy of mobile first. As a smartphone corresponds to a single user (and therefore a potential customer), advertisers had to rapidly integrate and exploit this device.

This revolution has had an impact on the advertising market, in particular through the creation of dedicated departments to manage the potential that it represents. Indeed, in the face of the rise of the mobile web, these inventories take a prominent place in the strategies and are valued by advertisers. For Numbate, it was therefore essential to propose a comprehensive model to its partner publishers. To achieve this, Numbate has decided to place its trust in AOL.

“In recent years, video has experienced strong growth on the market, even if it only really took off in France last year. To follow this trend and to respond to the needs of our customers, we have worked to build a relevant and efficient mobile video offer. AOL, via its ONE BY AOL: Video Marketplace platform, is a key player in the sector and proposes an offer that is complementary to ours. That is why we engaged in this partnership”, explains Jules Minvielle, President of Numbate and Mozoo Group.

For Numbate, this partnership involves the use of the AOL platform as a mobile video SSP for its video inventories. Numbate will thus offer its client publishers a powerful tool to automate and optimise the sale of its advertising space. For AOL, this means more than 300 Premium publishers that will join and strengthen its already very rich mobile offer. France is the first country to be able to benefit from this partnership, but Numbate already plans to deploy it in the United Kingdom, before extending it to the rest of Europe.

“The demand for mobile video is very strong in the United States and the United Kingdom. Mobile should capture at least 40% of the UK e-advertising market and reach 49% in 2016. In France, the demand is certainly smaller, nevertheless the advertisers and trading desks that we have approached are enthusiastic about our offer”, continues Jules Minvielle.

“According to eMarketer, mobile represents 26% of investments in France, in particular thanks to programmatics and social networks. This partnership with Numbate will thus allow advertisers, thanks to the One by AOL platform, to optimise their mobile campaigns”, concludes Olivier Lavecot, Country Manager France-Benelux ONE by AOL: Publishers.


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