Leaders in Mobile – Episode 9: Interviewing Yu-Shuan Lin from Zenith Optimedia UK

We are delighted to introduce you to Yu-Shuan Lin – Programmatic Director at Zenith Optimedia UK. He shares expert insights into the future of programmatic on mobile, and how he sees the programmatic landscape evolving.

M: What is your future prediction for the next 12 months in mobile?

Y: I look forward to clients taking on more and more mobile activity. Also we will see a lot of consolidations from an industry perspective and from a technology perspective; bringing that knowledge from traditional desktop display onto mobile, and see how agencies like Zenith and [premium media providers] like Mozoo can help bridge that gap between traditional media and mobile media buying.

M: How do you see programmatic and creativity working together?

Y: Programmatic is all about driving efficiency and driving scale, and creativity is all about impact and  bringing that message in from the audiences. I think at the moment there is a bit of a clash, because from the media agency perspective we are talking about a lot of data and efficiency, whereas, from creative agencies, they are still focusing a lot on creativity.

The agency side needs to educate the creatives alongside the client, to help understand the creativity side of things. Also, how we can bridge the gap again and bring that onto programmatic utilising creativity onto more programmatic campaigns on mobile.

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