Smart AdServer becomes Numbate’s full-stack solution

Numbate, France’s market leader in innovative mobile advertising solutions, has selected Smart AdServer full-stack solution to support its continued growth in direct sales while taking Numbate Marketplace, its programmatic offering, to the next level.

To achieve this goal, Smart AdServer will become Numbate’s full stack platform via a combination of its ad server and its integrated SSP, Smart RTB+, enabling Numbate’s staff in both Paris and London to manage their campaigns across all sales channels.

“After the launch of Numbate Marketplace over a year ago, we chose to work with a technology partner that specialises in mobile platforms and rich media formats.  Moreover, Numbate’s core business as a premium network that works with hundreds of publishers requires a powerful yet flexible ad serving technology.  Smart AdServer already had proven, acknowledged experience in situations similar to ours, and had already successfully overcome every challenge to date. Their expertise and accessibility, with all developers and decision makers being based in Paris, was a big help in ensuring the success of the migration project, which has now reached a successful conclusion,” commented Jules Minvielle, CEO of Mozoo, the group which includes Numbate.

Programmatic advertising currently represents 15% of Numbate’s turnover, which the company aims to increase to 30% by the end of the year. Meanwhile it is experiencing exponential growth in the UK, a market that already accounts for nearly 60% of the company’s revenue.

“Our teams spent long weeks working hand in hand with Jules’s staff in order to create the ideal workflow for Numbate, reflecting both direct and programmatic sales. This partnership with Numbate, which is a leader in the market for mobile advertising and innovative formats as well as a major player in the world of French tech, just like Smart AdServer, is therefore a strategic one for the company,” confirmed Cyrille Geffray, CEO of Smart AdServer.  He added: “Our synergies will enable us to grow our international presence and to unite the French mobile market around a common solution, just as we did at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.”

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