What we learned from the MWC 2016

The MWC 2016 is now over and yet, discussions streamed in from every direction. From the mobile advertising eyesight, here are the main points you should keep in mind.


Toward 5G technology

5G technology is about to emerge and many industry leaders are investing in the process. According to Aicha Evans, corporate VP and general manager of Intel Communications and Devices Group, Intel is “way beyond Powerpoint stage”. Whereas 5G is more likely to be launched in 2020 according to many senior executives, US Operator Verizon plan to deploy 5G in 2017.

In mobile marketing, 5G technology will enable advertisers to improve ad formats and delivery of messages, tackling the fact that most of mobile ads are weakening the user’s mobile experience because of slow page-loading and poor design and quality.

Shine and Three’s collaboration in implementing a network-level adblocker

Ad blockers emergence is not new in the mobile world but Shine and Three’s partnership in implementing a network level ad blocker brought the topic in a new light this week in Barcelona. In a conference, Shine accused ad tech industry leaders of abusing consumers by “using military grade tracking”.

Adblockers are taking a growing part in mobile as it goes beyond just installing and setting up a mobile adblocking app. Free content from premium publishers cannot be delivered if we live in a world where it is possible to buy smartphones on a network that automatically blocks advertisements. Advertisers need to find a way for “good publishers” that create value-added and non-intrusive ad formats to bypass ad blockers and eventually, bypass network-level ad blocking.

Mobile video is skyrocketing

2016 will may be the year of mobile video. According to BuzzFeed co-founder and CEO Jonah Peretti, mobile is driving viral video thanks to Facebook’s proprietary video format and faster loadings. In the mobile advertising world, this is not an opportunity to miss. According to eMarketer, US digital video advertising market is about to double by 2019.

Yet, mobile marketers have to be careful using video advertising on mobile. As for other formats, the user’s experience has to be placed at the heart of every mobile video advertising strategy. For instance, users should not be annoyed with videos playing without their consent. Here at the Mobile Eye, we believe that this will be the first step towards the end of adblockers use in mobile.


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