Business case: “La Sécurité Routière” successful mobile performance campaigns

Every 24h, 100 people are seriously injured on the French roads. To counter this, the French road safety institution called “La Sécurité Routière” has launched a large advertising campaign on TV, the web and on mobile.

The challenge was to deploy a digital campaign that people could engage with, in the traditional sense. It was essential to avoid the usual phenomenon of any shock prevention campaign.

Another pitfall to avoid: digital should not only be promoting the TV spot. This is why the agency has re-created a brief for each media: the website, YouTube, social media channels and mobile.

It wasn’t enough to just upload the movie on social networks and expect to generate shares, comments and likes. A true commitment was needed.


The creative idea was about the fact that people listen to the ones they love but the family does not necessarily have the appropriate words to educate. Often this is too excessive or of high risk. As such, the advertising concept wanted to mix the sensitivity shared by the loved ones with the right words given by the “Sécurité Routière” institution.

On mobile, this is the reason why they created the iOS app “Prêter sa voix” (meaning “to lend your voice to”).

They also made an Android app called “Mode Conduite” (meaning “driving mode”) which disables notifications whilst you are driving. It also automatically prevents relatives to reach out the driver on their mobile phone.




  • The app “Prêter sa voix” reached the Top 10 free apps on the Apple App Store in less than two weeks, overtaking Instagram! In total, more than 35,000 downloads were generated and nearly 8 500 personalised videos were created with a customised voice.
  • The “Mode Conduite” Android app reached the top 10 in the Lifestyle category on the Google Play Store and more than 25,000 people have downloaded it.

The campaign received media support from Surikate mobile performance solutions and indicators of usage showed very good results, with more than one video created for 4 downloads.

Source and french version of the case study here.

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