Leaders in Mobile – Episode 6: Interviewing Simon Davis from Mindshare UK

In this episode, Simon Davis – Head of Digital Operations at Mindshare –  shares his thoughts, views and predictions in the mobile industry for us all.

M: What is your big prediction for the next 12 months in the mobile industry?

S: I see the next 12 months as a combination of all the things we have been talking about in the last 2 years. With the announcement of Alexa and Google Home on the horizon as well, it is an interesting space because it’s quite a unique composition for people advertising.

Video is obviously key at the moment. I think Google and Snapchat are doing wonders for that business. And also, I think we have slightly undersold location over the last few years and I think people are actually getting much, much smarter now, in regards to how to use that data and leverage it programmatically as well, so that context is quite key.

M: Who would you say is the most disruptive, or iconic figure in mobile at the moment?

S: I would have to say that on the eve of the IPO it has to be Snapchat, and if you read into the prequels about the IPO as well, they position themselves as a camera based company. Few people are doing that, but they are very, very aggressive in product development, and I think that’s only going to be positive for mobile, because it drives an evolution forward. The imitation you get from other social networks is only flattering to Snapchat and what they are doing right now.

I am a big advocate of a guy called Brian Solis when it comes to looking at digital disruption. He is less focused on the mobile world but if you’re looking for future facing trends in customer interaction, discussions around UX and the design that’s built into mobile, Brian is a great source of information.

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