Leaders in Mobile – Episode 7: Interviewing Ran Avrahamy from Appsflyer

Episode 7 of Leaders In Mobile features Ran Avrahamy – VP Marketing of Appsflyer, who delves into some fascinating topics including transparency, fake news, fraud and GAFA.

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M: What is your future prediction for the next 12 months in the mobile industry?

R: In the mobile industry, 12 months is a long time, things run very fast. There’s a big ‘fake news’ atmosphere right now and in the mobile world there’s a lot of buzz words and a lot of companies are trying to leverage and create panic. Big guys like Facebook, Google and Apple are trying to tighten up their action and I see a lot of consolidation coming up this year, inside ad-tech, outside ad-tech and around mobile in general.

M: What would you say is the biggest issue that the mobile world is currently facing?

R: Transparency. Lots of companies are trying because in the past years there was a big change, especially in the agency world, from spending a lot of money without the client knowing where this was being spent.

We see more and more clients looking for their media agencies or partners to show them the real value that they can get. And we see that, as a measurement company, we are in that centre between everybody, and we see the demand for more transparency.

We see more and more very sophisticated fraudsters, and more apps and marketers that know how to deal with it. We need to be one step ahead of the fraudster. Fraud is not an issue of one company or vertical, it is an issue for all of us. We need to unite and fight it together. This is the only way we will be able to, with transparency, honesty, and dealing with the problem. This is how we are going to fix it.


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