Leaders in Mobile – Episode 8: Interviewing Shumel Lais from Appsumer

In this eighth episode, Shumel Lais – CEO at Appsumer, shares some interesting insights and predictions in the mobile industry.

Appsumer, the UA Intelligence Platform allows consumer app companies to make smarter marketing decisions and grow faster, by uniquely aggregating, visualizing and forecasting return on ad-spend (ROAS) across every mobile marketing source.

M: What is your future prediction in the mobile industry for the next 12 months?

S: Everyone is definitely moving towards quality. We are seeing it more and more, and I think last year was about getting away the install and working towards an acquisition cost. Everyone’s talking about cost per retained user, rather than having to spend loads of money retargeting and how can we start getting highly retained users from day one.

I think it’s a big shift for both brands and gaming companies, focusing on acquiring highly retained and engaged users.

M: What is currently exciting you most in the industry?

S: It’s really interesting to see how all the attribution players are going, they are all stepping up and it’s getting really competitive. So with all the guys that are constantly bringing out new features. Something that’s really cool is not just being able to see in-app purchase revenue, but ad revenue coming into the attribution tools.


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