Leaders in Mobile – Episode 5: Interviewing Seun Odeneye from Mindshare UK

In this fifth episode of Leaders in Mobile, Mozoo interviewed Seun Odeneye – Programmatic Lead at Mindshare UK.

Mindshare is part of GroupM, which oversees the media investment management sector for WPP, the world’s leading communications services group. With a network of 116 offices in 86 countries.

M: What is your prediction for the next 12 months in the mobile industry?

S: It’s about using mobile to align all the channels and bring them together. We think about how agencies put market plans together, but what we are able to do with mobile and programmatic, is bring all this together. What you’ve got is audiences so you need to ask: How do you bring those audiences together? My prediction is the fact that we will start to see solutions for this in the next 12 months.

M: In your view is there anyone utilising or executing mobile video well? Have you seen any really good, powerful video campaigns? How do you think we are going to see the ecosystem revolve around video?

S: Take a step back and think what are you trying to achieve when you deliver video. I guess, firstly you want people to watch the video but for me you need to be in that environment where you are most likely going to watch it. So, I think someone that has done it really well (in terms of product) and because of their scale, is Snapchat.


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