Leaders in Mobile – Episode 4: Interviewing Offer Yehudai from InnerActive

Episode 4 of Leaders in Mobile, Offer Yehudai – President & Co-Founder or InnerActive, shares his thoughts, views and predictions about current trends and future predictions.

InnerActive is an independent automated mobile ad marketplace focused on powering native and video ads. The company’s mission is to empower mobile publishers to maximize the full potential of their properties by providing powerful technologies for buying and selling mobile ads.

M: What is your future prediction for the next 12 months in the mobile industry?

O: We are all talking about how we are moving more and more into video content (we consume, we interact, we look after video content). It’s all about video, so that means that more and more publishers will generate unique authentic video content. This will also drive some questions like ‘How do you well monetize video content?’. Which brings me to my second trend, which is that we also require tools to make sure we are getting real validated content.

Also, as we move to video, there is the question ‘Are we telling a real story?’. The combination of producing video at scale, monetizing it and making sure it’s legit, this will occupy us for the next 12 months.

M: Do you think that video as a direct response creative, is ever going to become commonly known? Because typically, video is used more for brand. Do you think that in the performance channel, as direct response, video will be leveraged correctly and powerfully?

O: I believe so, even today you see more and more publishers and app developers using short 5-10 second videos to drive installs, to drive retention, etc. We are more open to video content and video offerings, when done right. What we saw in the last two years, was the same advertisers taking their 30 second TV spot, and serving on mobile. Surprisingly it didn’t work. Sophisticated brands, sophisticated buyers produce 5-10 second short, well-corrected video content and it works. If you take even a muted video, but you use caption and you use creativity, you get performance. It’s not easy, but when it’s done right, video will drive better engagement than the small display banners that we have got used to.

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