Leaders in Mobile – Episode 3: Interviewing Joseph Harake from OMD UK

In this third episode of Leaders in Mobile, Mozoo interviewed Joseph Harake – Associate Investment Director at OMD.

Joseph pointed out how programmatic access will increase notably in the next few years and how bespoke creative solutions will become more necessary in the future.

M: What is your future prediction in the mobile industry for the next 12 months?

J: I think we are going to see increased programmatic access. So far, a lot of what agency trading desks have tried to emulate has been the desktop experience, particularly across networks. Since then, we have gone after some of the higher impact solutions, going past those original six IAB formats and bringing that into higher impact to really engage our consumers. We need a bespoke strategy, and avoid emulating our desktop activity on mobile. The phenomenology of a mobile experience is very different from a desktop experience. We need to make sure that is reflected in our mobile strategy. Also, location targeted services are absolutely paramount, as well as the creative formats that we look to engage consumers with.

M: Have you seen any good examples of advertisers using location data to execute a successful campaign?

J: OMD have done some excellent work with one of our partners – Mobile 5 – particularly, around location services for a number of clients. One of the campaigns that I have been most impressed with is Weave and Sky. They actually collaborated on a campaign which used a gyroscopic augmented reality solution. It had a gamification element where users were implored to go and find Easter eggs and things across a number of sites. It was very well timed particularly around the popularity of Pokémon Go and deployed the augmented reality technology in a useful and engaging way. They empower it with data first and foremost, using first-party and CRM data to really make sure that you are targeting users in the right location and also users that are already engaged with that format. In the case of Sky, with people that had already subscribed to Sky movies.
I think it’s very neat, having in mind how difficult it is to execute a data driven solution with the right creative and really capitalise new technologies like augmented reality.

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