Leaders in Mobile – Episode 2: Interviewing Matt Cowley from OMD UK

In this episode we speak to Matt Cowley – Digital Operations Associate Director at OMD UK.
As part of a global OMD network of 8,500+ people in over 120 offices, OMD delivers insights that unlock demand potential, ideas that ignite consumer desire and results that accelerate business growth for their clients.

During our interview with him at MWC 2017, Matt pointed out the importance of brand safety in mobile advertising and how the mobile system will require new regulators.

M: What do you think is the biggest issue currently facing the mobile industry?

Matt: The biggest issue at the moment is to convince agencies to move into a new way of working. A lot of agencies take too much time to react to industry changes, sometimes more than clients. Smaller companies can react very quickly, but with the larger agencies you can get caught in having a centralised reporting system, so you have to feed everything in. If you want to do something very innovative and react to these changes, you can do it but that means additional costs in terms of tracking. Reporting on it means you need to pull in different sets of data and it doesn’t quite attribute across all the other sets.

M: How do you see programmatic and creativity working together?

Matt: They work well, they are brilliant principles but like we were saying with the expandable and intrusive ads, if they are not done correctly and if they are not targeting to the right audience, these audiences are not going to be interested. Using data alongside, to target people who are most interested in those ads is still a little bit behind, but it’s definitely going to get there in 2017 because the data is going to become more available and more actionable.


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