Leaders in Mobile – Episode 1: Interviewing Charlie Lockett from Mediacom

Mozoo recently sat down with some of the world’s leading experts in the mobile marketing industry, and had the opportunity to exchange some key insights around future trends and hot topics in mobile.
In this episode, Charlie Lockett – Associate Director at Mediacom, shared his thoughts, views and predictions with Max Pepe – Marketing and Innovation Director at Mozoo.

MediaCom describe themselves as The Content and Connections agency. They specialize in offering cross platform services in digital media, ROI, direct response, consumer insights, research, business science, sponsorship and sports marketing. Their network comprises of 7,000 employees in 125 offices in 100 countries around the world.

M: What is your future prediction in the mobile industry for the next 12 months?

C: We are already seeing the natural progression of advertisers moving more of their AV spend into digital environments and I think there’s going to be a big take up in people executing those campaigns through mobile formats. We are starting to really get the advertisers that I work with coherent and understanding the assets that really suit the platform, so as soon as we’ve got that kind of momentum, you’ve absolutely got an audience there to target, so I can really see big growth in mobile video in the next 12 months.

M: What do you consider to be the biggest issue which the industry is currently facing?

C: We are getting a lot of attention at the moment around the measurement of viewability on mobile, but also really understanding what our expectations should be on mobile. We are getting quite good as an industry to understand what we should be doing, but expectations across the whole industry are that you should only be serving ads to humans that have the opportunity to be seen. I think there will be a lot of growth and demand from advertisers to start moving towards trading models which only pay for viewable impressions, that is something that as an industry – whether that’s client led, agency led and with the help of publishers and partners like Mozoo – we are able to start driving forward.

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